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Custom Builds

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will help you develop your vision of the perfect aquarium and put it into an actionable plan to build, install and attain the aquarium of your dreams.

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Pyjama Fish


Is your aquarium not performing to its full potential? Schedule a free evaluation with us, today. We will outline a custom management strategy and service plan to help you achieve and enjoy aquarium success.

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built-in Sun Lakes fish tank

Aquarium Repair/Overhaul

Whether you have a need for acrylic scratch repair or failing filtration component, we offer a full line of aquarium rehabilitation and repair services to ensure your aquarium looks and performs its best.

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A great aquarium can transform any mundane space into an exciting and interactive environment that can transform the mood of the space and its occupants instantaneously. At the Happy Fish, we work hard to make sure that the aquariums we build or service are living up to their full potential, not just surviving but thriving. Owned and Operated by Jeremy Richards, and avid lifelong aquatic specialist, The Happy Fish is here to bring the experience of a top notch custom aquatic environment to homes and businesses throughout Arizona.

An expert on aquarium maintenance and care must be skilled in a number of fields. From creating a balanced ecosystem that is lush and able to grow, to installing custom aquarium furniture and custom fish tanks, Jeremy brings the disciplines of marine biology and aquarium construction into every tank he manages. The aquarium specialist you select can be a huge asset, helping to make the experience of building a tank deeply personal, enlightening and fulfilling.

Whether you need a custom reef aquarium built for your bar or restaurant, or should you want to make your home really stand out, Jeremy Richards and The Happy Fish team are here to make your tank happen. We service areas throughout Arizona, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Phoenix and many other cities in AZ.

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“Jeremy has been serving the tank where I work since 2008. Due to his thorough and efficient work it always looks fantastic!”

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“Awesome service. A lot of knowledge. Extremely friendly! “

Best Tank Service In AZ

“Jeremy has serviced our tank for the past six months and we couldn’t be more pleased! He is neat, detailed, and thorough.”



The Happy Fish was established in 2004 to deliver solutions for all your aquarium needs based on three key values: Innovation, Conservation, and Integrity.

We design and build custom glass aquariums, acrylic aquariums and aquarium furniture to create a fully functional product based on your vision of the perfect aquarium. We also offer an extensive collection of pre-manufactured glass and acrylic aquariums and aquarium furniture from the best manufacturers in the industry. Big or small, we can build anything you can dream up, and once built we offer professional installation and customized service plans coupled with an extensive product and livestock selection to ensure the success of your investment for years to come.