Why Every Ahwatukee Doctor’s Office Should Have a Fish Tank!

By Jeremy Richards on Monday, April 11th, 2016 in Custom Builds

What are the things most people think of when they think of going to the doctor’s office? Stethoscopes. Embarrassing weigh-ins. Sterile exam tables. “Beds” covered in crinkly paper. Small gowns that never cover anything. Sickness. Injury.

In other words: Nothing good.

A visit to the doctor’s office is almost never for a good thing. Even if you go in for a routine check-up, there is always the possibility that the doctor could find a problem. Most people find visiting the doctor to be a very stressful event.

Doctors know this, and they take steps to make patients more comfortable, both in the way they interact with the patients and the decor they choose for the office and waiting room. When you visit your doctor’s office, you’re likely to hear soothing music, to see soft colors on the walls, and to be offered a variety of reading materials.

Why Every Arizona Doctors Office Should Have a Fish Tank

Why Every Ahwatukee Doctor’s Office Should Have a Fish Tank

No matter what patients are feeling when they enter an Ahwatukee doctor’s office, watching a custom built fish tank in the waiting room makes them feel better!
Ahwatukee, Arizona

Another thing you should see is a nice big Ahwatukee custom aquarium filled with lots of brightly colored fish. A study out of the United Kingdom found that watching fish in an aquarium has measurable physical and emotional benefits.

The study found that these benefits include:

Increase Attention Span

The study found that people were drawn to watching fish tanks, no matter what was inside. They would watch the play of the light and seaweed in the water even if no fish were inside.

However, the more fish that were added to the tank, the more people watched. No matter how many fish were inside when people sat down, they would watch for longer if more fish were added.

Think about how you feel when you look at a fish tank. The interplay of the fish, the weeds and the water in an Ahwatukee custom reef tank can be hypnotic. You get drawn in and forget about everything else is happening.

That can help patients pass the time more quickly when they are waiting — usually impatiently — to see the doctor.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Watching fish in a tank can be very soothing. You watch the undulations of the seaweed in the water and the gentle, rhythmic motions of the fish as they glide through the water. The light reflects gently off the rocks and the scales of the fish. Even the light sound of the filter and the subtle bubbling of the water are soothing.

Not surprisingly, the study also found that watching fish tanks helped to lower stress, which also lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Those effects were found even after participants were given stressful puzzles to work out — puzzles that were chosen specifically to make the participants feel frustrated and upset.

The study found that participants had reduced stress even after watching just the seaweed and water in the tank. When fish were added, those effects were increased.

Patients are typically stressed when they visit a doctor’s office. Having a saltwater custom built fish tank in your Ahwatukee office can put patients at ease. Reducing stress also has physical benefits — particularly for patients that have heart problems.

Reduce Anger and Fear

Even the words used to describe fish in a tank are calming: Gliding, undulating, rhythmic, bubbling. It’s not surprising that watching the fish, plants and water in motion are just as soothing.

It’s hard to feel angry or afraid when you feel calm and relaxed. Watching a fish tank counteracts those effects in the body. The heart rate lowers. The muscles relax. The breathing slows. The mind is cleared of thoughts.

The study reinforced what we already understand intuitively: Watching a fish tank was found to lower feelings of fear and anger in participants. Those are fantastic benefits for a doctor’s office. Most patients come into the office afraid, either for themselves or for their loved one. Many are also angry — that they’ve been kept waiting, that they have to pay more than they expected, or that they aren’t getting the treatment that they think they need.

By putting a fish tank in the waiting room, doctors can put patients at ease and improve their rapport. Patients will not feel as adversarial when they meet with the doctor, and they will be able to communicate more effectively about their concerns or health issues.

Increase Pleasant Feelings

No matter what patients are feeling when they enter the doctor’s office, watching a fish tank in the waiting room will make them feel even better. If they are having a good day already, they will have an even better one. If they are feeling fatigued, they will feel more energized. If they are feeling tense, they will feel calmer. If they are feeling frustrated, they will feel more relaxed.

The study showed that watching fish tanks helps to people to feel more pleasant feelings. So fish tanks didn’t just counteract negative emotions but actually produced positive ones. They proactively created a positive effect.

Doctors can make their offices much more pleasant places by adding fish tanks. They can create positive associations for patients so that they might actually look forward to going to the doctor. They may not consciously make the connection as to why, but they may just feel happier when they think about visiting their doctor.

Who would have thought that such a simple addition to waiting room decor could have such a profound impact?

If your office doesn’t have a fish tank, now is the time to consider adding one. The Happy Fish is ready to help with your custom fish tank build in Ahwatukee. Our team can help with the design, selection and installation of your tank and all the elements inside, ranging from the type of fish to the color of the coral. Once you’re set up, we can help with the saltwater aquarium maintenance or repairs to your new tank. Call us in Ahwatukee today to learn more about the options for your custom fish tank build or to schedule your saltwater aquarium maintenance.

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