Scottsdale Custom Saltwater Aquarium Build

Scottsdale Custom Saltwater Aquarium Builds

By The Happy Fish

Beautiful Custom Scottsdale Saltwater Fish Tank BuildsScottsdale is one of the most popular and famous cities in Arizona. And rightfully so. Aside from featuring fantastic desert scenery, great shopping, fine dining and a myriad of resorts and golf courses, it is also a great place to work, live, and visit. After a busy day at work you can relax on your terrace with a drink, go for a swim or take a nice long and relaxing walk. Another great way to relax is to observe the fish in your saltwater reef tank. Get Your Scottsdale AZ Custom Reef Aquarium Build Today!Saltwater fish are beautiful and colorful and a joy to watch.

The Happy Fish is Scottsdale’s premier custom saltwater fish tank builder and is known for innovative designs and concepts that will take your tank to the next level. We have created many unique custom builds for residents and Scottsdale businesses alike. We are always looking for a challenge and welcome saltwater tank enthusiasts that have their own design ideas from which we can build the tank of your dreams. We specialize in Scottsdale reef tank construction, but of course can assist you with your fresh water tank as well. Experience how a Happy Fish aquarium can help you relax and become mesmerized by the beautiful world of aquaristic.

Custom Fish Tank Builds

By combining your ideas with our know how and passion for innovation, we will create you an aquarium that exceeds your expectations. Everything we create is based on three principles: innovation, conservation, and integrity. Our team of expert tank builder strives to let these values shine through in everything we do. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to design your fish tank or to improve the efficiency of your Scottsdale reef tank by reducing its need for water, energy or maintenance. This includes the design and installation of custom filtration systems or any other components that will enhance the performance of your tank.

Expert Fish Tank Installs

Our reef tank installs are done right. We take every aspect of your tank into account to get it just right. This means we will ensure that the location of your tank is perfect or that we will make sure to create the perfect conditions for it. This may include extra lighting, changing the color of lighting (especially if there are corals involved), adjusting filtration and water movement systems and anything else that will make your tank perform flawlessly and keep its inhabitants happy. If you are looking for a custom install at your place of business or doctor’s we can help with that too. The Happy Fish has extensive experience with the construction of commercial aquariums.

Maintenance & Service

Unfortunately, even the best custom tank can fail and experience trouble. Here at the Happy Fish we provide top quality tank troubleshooting solutions that will get your failing tank back on track fast. No matter if you are experiencing problems with your pump, filtration system or are experiencing any other kind of aquarium emergency, Jeremy Richards and his team of tank experts can identify the issue quickly and fix it with quality components. Naturally, we service both Happy Fish tanks as well as competitor tanks. To keep your tank on track, we also provide Scottsdale tank maintenance services.

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“Jeremy is the best aquarium guy period. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, diligent, and dependable.”

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“Jeremy is amazing period. We have been using him for over a year and he is quite honestly the most passionate person about his company that I have ever met. “

Five Star Reviews For Happy Fish AZ

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Have you always wanted a reef tank, but were worried about the maintenance? Don’t worry, it is much easier than it looks. The Happy Fish will gladly get your salt water project underway and explain the ins and outs of reef tank maintenance to you. We can also repair, revamp or redesign your existing Scottsdale tank. If you are dealing with failing components such as pump, filtration or lighting, let us exchange them or fix them for you.


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We love fish, which is why we want every tank to be a reflection of our passion. If you are looking to have a tank constructed for your business lobby or your residential foyer call us today. We will consult with you on location, discuss your design plans and give you an estimate. To learn more about our custom tank construction or to schedule aquarium maintenance call us at 602-550-8246.