Paradise Valley Custom Saltwater Aquarium Build

Paradise Valley Custom Saltwater Aquarium Builds

By The Happy Fish

Paradise Valley is one of the most beautiful spots to call home in all of Arizona. Eight resorts along with several gorgeous golf courses as well as the scenic landscape make it a favorite with tourists and visitors alike. But as beautiful as Paradise Valley may be, it doesn’t even come close to stealing the show from one of Jeremy Richard’s beautifully created custom saltwater fish tanks.

The Happy Fish has been creating custom reef tanks for Paradise Valley home and business owners for years. The foundation of our work is based on innovation, conservation, and integrity and with these values we approach every job we complete, every tank we create. If you think your reef tank visions cannot come true-thing again. The experienced saltwater experts with the Happy Fish thrive on challenges and making the impossible come to life.

Custom Saltwater Fish Tank Builds and Installations In Paradise Valley By The Happy Fish

We can help you to build anything from simple saltwater tanks to complicated reef set-ups with specialty lighting and energy saving pumps and components. We believe that great tanks can be sustainable and don’t have to be hard on the environment. We not only want your fish to be happy, but the environment (and your wallet) as well.

Custom Aquarium Installations

We are especially proud of the many custom saltwater aquariums we have created in Paradise Valley and nearby communities. If you are looking for someone to develop, create and install a custom reef tank, the Happy Fish can help. We can help you with adding the specialty filtration system your tank has been lacking until now. Our expert knowledge of fish and saltwater tanks allow us to create the best fish tanks in the Paradise Valley area. We can help you save money by submitting our unique designs to several manufacturers for quotes, thus enabling you to get the best deals on the market.

Aquarium Maintenance

After we install your fish tank in your Paradise Valley home or business, we will leave neither you nor your fish to their own devices. We can help your reef tank to stay beautiful and healthy for years to come with our affordable quality aquarium maintenance programs. No matter if you own a salt or fresh water tank, with our customizable service packages, either will bring you joy for a long time. To ensure that you end up with a maintenance package that is tailored to the unique needs of your Paradise Valley custom tank, we’ll gladly come to you for a free evaluation.

Aquarium Repair

The Happy Fish offers top quality repair services for aquariums as well, because even the best reef tank will be in need of repair once in a while. Filtration problems happen as do acrylic scratches, but the team with the Happy Fish can help. While our quality components are less prone to failure, once in a while they still may need servicing and of course, we can assist you with servicing a tank from any other manufacturer as well. No matter if your Paradise Valley saltwater custom tank is in need of an overhaul or trouble shooting, our tank experts can help to make your fish happy again.

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Five Star Reviews For Happy Fish AZ

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If you own or would like to own a custom saltwater fish tank in Paradise Valley, the Happy Fish can help. We invite you to check out our gallery of breathtaking custom tanks created by us for aquaristic hobbyists all over the valley. Our passion shows in every facet of our work and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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Let the Happy Fish help you to make your custom reef tank ideas come to life. We are always ready for a challenging design and to come up with innovative ideas to conserve water or energy. Contact us today to learn more or to get a free on site quote.