Fountain Hills Custom Aquariums and Maintenance

Fountain Hills Custom Aquariums and Maintenance

by The Happy Fish

Custom aquarium installs and maintenance for your Fountain Hills fish tankFountain Hills has been aptly named for its fountain which is the fourth tallest worldwide, and the neighboring McDowell Mountain Range. It is a fun and yet relaxing place to live and many people choose it to settle down or run their businesses in and around Fountain Hills. In fact, it has been one of the fastest growing places in Arizona for the last two decades.

Customized fish tank installation in Fountain Hills ArizonaWater obviously plays and important role in Fountain Hills. Aside from its famed, name-giving fountains there are a multitude of washes that flood when heavy rain hits the area and sometimes even obstruct traffic. However, Fountain Hills residents that are enjoying bringing water features in their home on a smaller and more entertaining scale, love relaxing in proximity of their The Happy Fish custom fish tanks. Jeremy Richards and his team at The Happy Fish, are Fountain Hills’ premier aquarium design, install and rehabilitation experts and have extensive experience in all matters regarding fish tanks and their components. If you want the best service or custom tank for your Fountain Hills home or business, there is no one better and passionate than The Happy Fish.

What sets The Happy Fish apart from its competitors is its unique approach to creating your custom aquarium and the way we perform rehabilitation and repair work. The pillars of our company are integrity, innovation and conservation. What this means for our clients is that we never take short cuts, we enjoy finding new solutions to create “greener” and more efficient tanks, while pushing our limits in terms of design and innovation. We will create a unique aquarium that still runs as smooth as it should. Call us today to discuss your ideas, tank challenges or to schedule and on-site consultation and free estimate.

Custom Aquarium Builds

No matter if you are looking to have The Happy Fish create a custom fresh or saltwater aquarium for your home or business or whether you need a specialty pump and filtration system for your specialty fish tank; we bring years of experience to the table and it shows. We welcome design challenges posed to us and always find a solution to make your vision come alive. We believe in top service, top tanks and offering our clients the best rates we possibly can.

Aquarium Maintenance

Once we have finished your (non) custom tank installation, we do not leave yo to your own devices. The Happy Fish offers Salt Water Maintenance Programs for your Fountain Hills aquarium. Naturally, we can also help with your fresh water tank maintenance as well as competitor’s fish tanks. We will device a maintenance plan tailored to the specific needs of your aquarium. For happy fish in your Fountain Hills tank a maintenance plan is essential and will keep your tank running great.

Aquarium Repair

Even though our maintenance services are designed to keep your tank running great for years to come, sometimes your aquarium might fail regardless and need a little bit of extra help. The Happy Fish offers fish tank repair and rehabilitation services. No matter if you have an acrylic scratch or the pump and filtration components are failing, we will fix your tank or do a complete overhaul with quality components to get your tank back up to speed in no time at all and to keep your fish happy.

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When your Fountain Hills Fish Tank needs a little boost or you are looking for the best aquarium maintenance plan around, The Happy Fish team is here to help.


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Additionally, we can help you to create a tank that is greener and conserves energy and reduces waste output, while still looking stunning. No matter if you are a tank newbie or a long time pro, Jeremy Richards takes his time to talk you through the process, answer all your questions and educate you about your special fish tank. Contact us today to learn more about our unique fish tank services or to schedule a free on-site assessment. You can reach us at 602-550-8246.