Our Mission

We build and maintain aquarium displays to meet the vision of our clients, incorporate the best available design features and reduce our impact on non-renewable resources. Our end product will engage viewers, inspire imaginations, capture hearts and provide years of happiness and enjoyment.


We are always looking for and thoroughly testing new and exciting ways to better build, manage, and service your aquarium. Our goal is to produce the finest aquarium displays with the best engineering features and best products utilized in the most effective means. We then customize ongoing service plans and product delivery that ensure your goals are met, without interfering with your daily routine.


We are proud to do our part and incorporate green products and practices into our business and your aquarium. The goal is to reduce waste, protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. We offer a full line of products that eliminate the burden on the oceans finite resources. We also provide a full line of energy efficient controllable equipment with advanced control systems to reduce energy demands. Finally the very design of our aquarium systems conserve water by to insuring we maximize nutrient reduction through filtration reducing the frequency of water exchanges as part of your aquarium maintenance program.


We will never compromise the quality of your project, in form or function, or the quality of the care of your aquarium. You can rest assured that any effort to reduce the cost of your aquarium or any service we provide is just that, a reduction of cost, not the quality of work done. Your trust is paramount to our partnership in your aquarium project’s success and we work very hard to be deserving of your trust. Everything we build, everything we work on, will be done with your goals in mind while meeting our values of innovation, conservation and integrity.